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Saturday, October 30, 2010

vinaashkari ant!


  1. ahhhhaaaaaaaahhhh ha haaaa =)) =)) S-ass-hunk was the villain and hero all along :O pata bhi nahi chala =))....he was desperate to get rid of Ridz bhootni it seems :P ...Armaan is really dumb excorcist gal and did not even get Sanjeevani =)) ...fabb comic strip Neetz :D...ahh i will miss your CMG comic strips now that the shit is over :(

  2. ROFL s-ass-hunk hahhahahaha...and you are rite she IS a manhoos aatma...ROFL hahha

  3. how does this 360* head turn looks?? rock!!neetz

  4. OMG! this is just as hilarious as the rest!rofl
    neetz u r the best!!!!!!!!


  5. OMG Neetz this is just too gud,its hilarious...
    u r the best in this!!

  6. s-ass-hunk ,has to be the best n the most suitable name ur cmic strips n this one was super hilarious ....heheh ROFL ...flashsback n head spinning was mindblowing ....

    p.s - although the show has cme to its final rest , but do cntinue vid these amazing cmic strips n thanks for making me a part of it ...:)

  7. 360 degree head rotation...ROFLMAO..[=))] Too Good! XD

  8. wow nitz di it was ekdum jhaakas .brilliant keep it up .never stop writing

  9. Girl, u rock!! Where, where, where do u get such hilarious,awesome ideas from? I WISH cmg had ended like this. At least kuch toh hatke hota. If they had such an ending, it truly would have been epic :P
    Hahahahaha Armaan the Arse is stuck with the creepy bhootni phorever!! phantom girls ooops phan girls are crying with joy. Or maybe it's sorrow because A r reunited in the last few minutes and they didn't show lusty stuff.
    Anyway,loved the comic
    Ps-I heard bhootni's going to be zombie dancing soon :P

  10. That was hilariously awesome :P Where do u get these ideas neetz ?!! You shud have been the creative of this not so creative show..I wish it had ended like this !
    I might be saying this for the hundredth time but I'm soo0o0 glad DMG ended !! :D

  11. funny. Hero my foot. He's darinda

  12. Omg Neetz this is the best ending EVER!!!! my most fav strip for sure!!!! Love it.

    LMAO at "ass-hunk" How do u come up this stuff?

  13. @paro - aha! you didn't, didn't you? see, that's the genius of DMG! infact the CVs had hinted us in the middle by making S-ass-hunk wear a pair of horns too, remember? ;p

    @shamil - lol thankoo ;p

    @anonymous # 1: haha manhoos atma se kam nahi hai!

    @anonymous # 2: lmfao! yep, it looked beautiful in exorcist, and ridhima makes it look even prettier ;p

  14. LMAO! hahahahahaahahahah

    I love you Neetz! GOSH! I was rolling off on my bed with laughter! 360 degree turn LMAO !!!!!!!!!

    U rock Neetz <3

  15. =)) =))..loved d title =))
    awesome yet again :D


  16. As usual it's very funny, but the best part about it is that this final DMG comic solves the whole DMG least for season 2.
    Shashank could hardly be considered a cast member for this new season as he was more of a guest appearance person. But whenever he did come, he completely changed the story. No wonder he's considered 'daku daddy' by KaJen fans...
    Nonetheless, if one does think about it seriously, then the so called story only changed whenever he arrived and gave his 'farmaan' to 'Armaan' and the others ;p
    Okay that's that, and I think I talked more about DMG than your comic. But ya Riddhima's for sure possessed, and since no matter who comes or goes, no matter who gets united or broken up, the only constant has been Sanjeevani. In fact you know what? You solved a riddle for me. I made a topic a long time ago saying that everyone craved for Riddhima's love but I didn't understand why. Well now you've solved that mystery for me. It wasn't her but Sanjeevani...

    Loved the comic and I'm really gonna miss them all. Please do continue with the other show...remember my suggestion: bald Abhay ;p

  17. P.S. what does 'vinaashkari' mean? And 'ant' means end, right?

  18. Visiting first time.. but looks like i missed a lot of fun that is on this Blog. *Sobs* but oh well. today is better than never. [:D]
    Awsome Post. completely agree..Everyone wants Sanjeevni so tryint to trap ridhima..or should i say Trapped By Riddima..(pscycos)

    Please continue with some other show. [:)] would love to visit the blog again.

  19. @seert - haha exactly! shashank's brief appearances have been turning points in the show, normal fans might miss out on his significance but you now I can't ;p

    yerppp! it has always been sanjeevani. ridhima - sanjeevani = useless. and ridhima is so dumb, she didn't even realize she was basically a piece of garbage all along =))

    I shall remember your suggestion! :P I'm working on a PKYEK comic right now, let's see if the 'bald' abhay looks good..err...funny. =p

  20. 'vinaashkari' basically means 'vicious' or 'disastrous' =p and yeah 'ant' means end heh.

  21. Awesome work neetz :P Simply superb :)

  22. LMAO!! Neetz you are a genious! Hah now we know why he stalked Ridhima.

    OMG your working on a PKYEK comic strip - i will definitely be looking forward to that

  23. simply Superb.....:)

    Loved it...