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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Latest update on the LP-virus outbreak!

The latest update in the LP-virus outbreak is that now it has reached an advanced level, which is being deemed as 'incurable' by the remaining normal human beings. It has been observed that even though the 'love' solution concentrated the progressive flow of this virus, it could not completely eradicate it. It has been over a year since the outbreak, and the virus, as reckoned by the scientists, seems to be some sort of self-mutilating, advanced virus which transforms itself into an even more lethal version once it reaches the saturation point of the previous one.

And this current stage, is not only scary, but it is also bloodcurdling, cadaverous and spine-chilling. The Adam of this advanced species of mutants, Mr. Karan Singh Grover, is touted as the ultimate god and higher power by his ardent followers, namely the LP-virus infected mutants. They worship him as if he is their Jesus Christ and wear a cross that has 'being horny is a holy activity. Amen' engraved on it. Hence, they could not tolerate it when an objective and rational human being condemned his tendency to promote the 'usage of women-mutants as sex objects'. The virus, which was still in between the previous and the following stage, rapidly leaped towards the following stage after this incident, and mutants reached their ultimate phase of viciousness.

They tortured her in every way possible. Punished her brutally, destroyed her house and work place, and did many other indescribable things. They, however, did not bite her. They wanted her to feel torture as a human. In spite of inflicting such horrific torture upon her, they were not satisfied. They cried tears of their infected blood in front of a holy shrine dedicated to their god, and decided that their vengeance was not yet over. 

They came together and revived a previously dormant underground group called 'lord's personal servants', which is essentially dedicated to preserving and protecting their lord's honor. Currently, they're in the process of constructing a new plan to get that woman completely wiped off from the face of Earth. What that plan entails, who all are a part of it, when is it going to be executed - are questions that still remain unanswered. 

The revelation of this new face of the virus has shocked everyone. Just when people thought that nothing could be worse, the mutants sprouted themselves into an even worse species. Survival is becoming harder and harder with each passing day for the normal humans. They're constantly shifting base to keep themselves protected from the mutants, who now are equipped with A-class weaponry and arms. We suspect that Jennifer, aka the eve of this species, is funding their rapid development. After KSG was accidentally killed by a human, she went completely underground and no one has been able to find her ever since. Since these mutants cannot die until and unless their heads are chopped off, Jennifer managed to live since no one knows where she is.

Lastly, I'd like to wish that woman good luck, because her words have also signed her own death warrant. The mutants are extremely powerful and dangerous, and I wonder how long will it be before they kill her off too. Please watch your back everyone, it's getting worse, but the human race shall survive.


  1. Rofl rofl!! I swear Neetz, I LOVE your work :P it's simply hilarious and sooooo true. Oh Lord,
    'being horny is a holy activity. Amen' hahahahahahahahaha!!
    And OMG kps-lord's personal servants hehehe niceeee!!
    I hope the deadly virus and all the infected aunties disappear for good, sick of them.
    Dude, Ms.K was brave to speak out against their demi-God, feel bad for her.
    Damn the people who flagged your blog, I LOVE it. Hey jyada se jyada,u can pm us :P hehehe

  2. LOL!!!
    OMG I love this piece, it's way better than your previous ones on this horrific species. Honestly, I didn't think I cared much about this species anymore, but I think my 'love' for them has increased in the past few days.
    Indeed, their behavior is very synonymous to parasites. I have no doubt in that, and I would explain more but I already provided a (pretty good ;p ) summary here: hence I don't need to say anymore. The similarities are quite obvious and pretty evident.

    However, Neetz you made a major error in your article. They are not 'lord's personal servants', no siree! They are 'lord's personal *slaves*'. Yes that's right, this species is not even paid for its services, and yet they still labor away day and night for *him*. Heck they are not even appreciated and acknowledged much. 'Tis a sad, sad existence for 'lord's personal *slaves* aka K-K-KiranProtectionSquad...

    Honestly, on a much more serious note, I feel pity for these folks, and for their sake, I hope Karan disappears completely from the entertainment industry, so that these teens, adults, and *shudders* seniors (yes I recently heard that 50-60 year olds are also part of this 'squad') can get their sanity and life back. I truly feel sorry for their families and their current/future partners in life :(

  3. lovely post neetz ...agree to each n every word .... i just happened to see koel fb wall n to be honest i did not feel amused or happy i felt pity , for all these young immature people or may be sme maturely immature ones ...why cant they understand that by doing all these stupid actions , yes i call it stupid n very inappropriate they are harming no one but their idol , whom they worship to such an extent that they can stoop way below their morals ....soo by doing all the bashing n stuff they are actually decreasing the chances of seeing the macho man in any kind of sane interview/program again , as anyone who will be willing to interview him shall think twice before taking a final step , after seeing the royal treatment they are giving to the ones who dare to speak the truth ....
    hopeless cases ...


  4. Awesome !!! Really its just surprising whrere there people come up with such stupid actions!!
    Very Immature !!

  5. This is fucking hilarious! Your blog is too cerebral for "them" to understand. For now their vocab is limited to armaan, ar4ever, abs, drool, protection squad and koel is a bitch. I bet they will report this article too coz they see KSG and killed in the same sentence and start hyperventilating
    - D

  6. When i saw the FB group i was amazed that such lowlifes exist in todays world!! Your post is PHUNNAAAYYYY!! LMAOO

  7. Hilarious post neetz. Though i wish u had included A1 and R1 LOL

    Oh i didn't know they created a FB group. Tht is so them to do something like this

  8. You need to update and write one on a species worse than the KPS one. You know what it is. We both know what it is, since we have been brutally attacked by them.
    It is...*drumrolls* JPS!!!
    Please write an article on this one b/c we must inform the others about this new virus outbreak. And now I have to go and hide...

    P.S. I shall remain anonymous from fear of being stalked and brutally attacked by this new virus.

  9. they actually making me sick of liking KSG once up on a time,seriously i feel ashamed to think even to i did liked him,this is enough to prove how they are against their own fav
    seriously i wish koel comes out of this fiasco soon enough,i want her to make cyber case on this,really there should be a limit to every damn thing
    great one