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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cure to the deadliest virus found!

I'm sure all my folks must have read the article about DMG ending with AR re-union. Needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled and esctatic. My happiness knows no bounds, and I'm wating for them to get married with bated breath. The moment the article came out, my heart jumped with joy and tears formed in my eyes. The only word I could think of at that moment was - finally.

Yes, friends, finally. Finally the two Lovephoreberovirus (shortened form: LP virus) infected mutants will get together and leave the world alone. I suppose Freud's theory about the entiry humanity being based upon latent sexual urges holds true in this case. You see, A-1 (which is the code name for mutant armaan) and R-1 (which is the code name for mutant ridhima) realized that they still had feelings for each other by getting physically intimate for a few moments. Their latent sexual urges re-surfaced and voila! love is there, right there for you, amis.

You know all those gory films about humans changing into mutants because of change in the DNA structure due to some catastrophe? For eg - Resident Evil, species, hills have eyes etc etc, I think those directors need to watch DMG. They will realize how easy it is to make their protagonists combat the genetically altered mutants - just make them fall in love with each other, and then make them have sex! soon, they will get married and live in their own sweet little world. Humanity shall be saved!

So, the conclusion here is that the directors of DMG made the right decision by getting A-1 and R-1 married. If this experiment works, then I'd request the state governments of all those states in which this virus is even scarcely spread, to take the same action. I've seen victims of this virus show extreme symptoms on a forum called the Dill Mill Gayye forum. Since A-1 and R-1 are the very first mutants to get married, they are displaying their appreciation and consent by flooding the forum with celebration threads, cadbury dairymilk threads, and are even opening topics to discuss things like - what rings shall be exchanged, which ceremony shall happen first, and what dress shall R-1 wear!

Consdering that this is the first time that the LP-virus infected mutants have displayed any form of happiness and self-control, I'd request the directors of DMG to wed A-1 and R-1 very soon, and the state governments to follow suit as soon as possible. These mutants cannot be tamed by some extra-ordinary anti-virus, they can only be tamed by one thing - love.

I am extremely happy to know that finally, a ray of hope has been ignited. Maybe we will finally be able to get completely rid of the LP-virus, and can stop it from spreading and infecting other humans any further.


  1. ROFL!!!!! ROFL!!!!!
    Loved it!! Really enjoyed it. I'm glad this whole moronic documentary on the life cycle of the A-1 and r-1 virus is FINALLY ending. No more Kajars!!!!! Yayyyyy!! However, the victims of this virus wanna see the mutants breed and make more baby mutants. Whatever. I just hope A-1 and r-1 marry and disappear. Peace to the world.

  2. LMFAO! haha..indeed finally! We should be rid of those two damned mutants. I hope they devour each other to smithereens and of course, live happily ever after.


  3. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA R-1 A-1 LP virus....amazinggg!!..


  4. hilarious ..LP virus, is seriously a deadly virus having no anti-virus solution , the only solution is to get them together phorever n ever n freeing the world no universe from this curse .....i hope the restless minds will atleast find some peace after this so called happpy phorever ending ...

  5. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH..awesome!!..arey yaar the virus is so deadly that it has a direct affect of corrupting young and tender brains!..and some recent reports showed, it affects also some old brains too! old house wives;)
    the symptoms vary from promoting EMA, justifying abusive and stalking behaviours..and having no clear vision of what's right and what's wrong ;P


  6. hahahahhahaha Neeeetz :D *grins wide* pagal hai tuuu! :D aur kia yaar, i believe all the attempts made to find a pathogenic anti-virus or vaccine for the LP virus which were given the names of SD-1 and SH-1 had no effect and under the strong effect of LP virus mutants A-1 and R-1, had to succumb and die. Alas, all attempts failed. *traumatic sigh*

    you are a real punk, you know that? :D

  7. Neetz, post this in the DMG forum. I don't think it's against the rules, and well others need to read about this too.
    Honestly the way this whole track has played out, and the extremely childish behavior by the KaJen fans have made me hate AR. It's so weird that from an AR fan, I've become a total hater. I mean come on the older AR weren't so bad, but this is just annoying to say the least. I'm sure the saner AR fans are only in there out of habit or this psychological need to see AR together in the end. The majority however are just there to see a certain couple and their "hawt" scenes together.
    Damn how I wish the show would end with an apocalypse. They can even show KaJen together but just make sure the end is an apocalypse so that there is no sequel at anytime in the future.

    About your post? Good as usual :)
    You have really done good research on this very deadly virus. Lol and it even has medical terminology, because of course DMG is a "medical" drama.

  8. LMAOO...Hahahahhaha Neetz I love your take on AR re-unite..L-P virus hahahah
    What a research I must say...
    the topics on DMG forum are sooo insane have you seen AR babies one??
    OMG ROFL...
    can they be anymore lame then that?


  9. Completely agree with what Seert has said. Now Iam just somehow very frustrated. I feel like AR ending is wrong even though I had always wanted an AR ending.... Now I feel like that Sid n Shilpa were the equivalent of chopped liver on this show.... :(

    Oh well... The LP virus sounds like an apt theory hehe. U shud post this on IF. At least I would post the LIKE button for sure and post comments too!

    p.s. naina taras gaye hain to see ur comic strips. Hope u manage to come up with a few b4 the show ends :)

  10. OMG,neetz this was fun more than the article itself i say,damn do they discussing about their clothes too,i am sure it wont be hard for miss jenny to choose the wedding dress,its her 8th wedding after all,according to an article i read,she is very phamous of marrying more than 1 time in a same show onscreen,it came out during SR first wedding the its her 6th wedding ultimately this one is 8th if am not poor in maths which i am not,actually after marrying sid 2 times,ridhz felt bad about armaan,so is there a guarantee that she wont deceive armaan*rolls eyes*,the solution she is already married,now its time for miss forever virgin to get in to action continue with sid's magalsutra n celebrating suhaag raat with armaan

  11. @ananya - true true. they're finally leaving the world alone. BUT the good part is that they cannot produce babies, their DNA is altered, remembered? they don't have the same kind of reproducing abilities as humans. therefore, even though they can have sex, they can't reproduce ;)

    @roz - cheers to a future-happy world! :D

  12. Ufff Neetz! I loved this. I think that this is so true. There is nooo logic to the story line in DMG anymore. It truely is somesort of virus/disease form....*sigh*
    As for A-1 and R-1. They need to be terminated.

    this is my favorite line: They will realize how easy it is to make their protagonists combat the genetically altered mutants - just make them fall in love with each other, and then make them have sex! soon, they will get married and live in their own sweet little world. Humanity shall be saved!

    Love You


  13. ROFL.........your LP Viral expertise is an trooo eyeopener.

    CVs ruined it...having had SA with KSG after 2 longs years was one of the best things for this show...along with having created a wonderful story in SR...but they ruined it and now are shutting down....glad its over...

    the mutants can do whatever it is that they do...and limit themselves to their little petridish...and not bother with us humans left out here who are sane phorever.


  14. ROFL Neetz
    this made me laugh soo much

    but i totally agree...
    you know.. i would've accepted the A--R ending if it was shown in a better way..
    but damn they seriously ruined it for the sake of phan girls
    now i just hate those two letters.. and the show is not even worth it.. makes me regret watching it

    i'm still laughing at LP Virus rofl


  15. Even T Virus in resident evil is better than KAJAR VIRUS.

    Oh I hope After The etrnal KanjAR union the phan girls/gays get deflated like the Body Snatchers Movie.

    World Will be Cleaner Place :D

    If the KanjAR Babes/gays continue to romp the earth like zombies then we group of survivors like Alice and Chris Redfield can take a bullet gun and go on a kanjAR virus cleaning rampage. :D:D:D

  16. LMFAO.....LMFAO,

    People Are Really Betting There Money On Virus Mutant's Dress,Celebracions & All.
    I Don't Bet My Money On Looser's Like A-R(KAJAR Or Bizarre).
    Sex Thrills But It Kills.....My Message To A-R.

    A-R Will Never Have Kids.....Coz Their Re-Producing Organs Are Steralized......They Have Coz a Great Deal of Harm To Society.....Now Don't want Their Kids to do Anything.

    By Jatin Thakkar.

  17. =)) =))....this is too good...LP virus ....haww may god save us from that :o =)) =))... R1 and A1 mutants have infected DMG forum there any detoxification method ?? :P =))

  18. @friends_rock - thanks yaar! :D

    @nida - I hope so too, girl. the virus had infected their brains to such a great extend that nothing can help them now. I just hope they find their happy ending and leave normal people alone :(

    @ka7eela - yep, it infects people of all ages, ranging from 10 to 60! :O be it kids, teens, housewives, aunties and even dadis and nanis! :O shocking, but true.

    yes, those symptoms are defenitely there, apart from drooling endlessly and having endless wet dreams.

  19. @kiran - *sigh* yes, they tried that too, but unfortunately nothing worked and those anti-virus bodies slowly withered away. it's very sad to know that science failed in this case, very very sad :(

    lmfao, am I not? ;) you see, since IF is so censored, I decided to make my voice heard through a different medium ;)

    @seert - no way dude! post this in the forum? they'll report me like crazy and I'll end up getting a WL. remember the hulabaloo they created when you called them a 'deadly virus' =))

    I completely agree with you. but there are NO sane KaJen fans, all of them are retards. they have no brains and no common sense. I reckon they're just sexually frustrated teens. lord save them.

    haha I want an apocalypse too! that'd be an awesome end :P

  20. @Neetz

    Agree all KanjAR phans/gays are total retarded souls. Their one rule on IF is to press Like button of their kanjar partners a million times.............and all of them talk like a psycho duck. some one should send them to some school....

    And also after months of calculating I realized that majority of KanjAR fans are sexually frustrated housewives or Gays who lust after that dogface ksg.

  21. Kanjar fans?? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO this shit is hilarious. I love "Kanjar" HAHAHA suits em perfectly FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Neetzzz absolutely brilliant once again. The world has been S-A-V-E-D. All bow down to the fucking wanker Amita & Palki. Thank You for saving the world fucktardssssssss :P

  22. Neetz,
    You know I still don't find anything wrong with calling them a deadly virus. I mean viruses are living organisms, and just because ppl tend to annotate them in a negative manner, it doesn't mean it has to be an insult. I stand by my opinion of them as a deadly virus. Jee ha!

    Lol no sane KaJen fans? You might be right and well quite a few posts do make me think they're very sexually frustrated. But well most are very young teens who have never been in a relationship hence this might their only outlet...

  23. when i started reading first para...i was like what the f*** is wrong with you...
    then after reaing the whole thing was ROFL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  24. oh yes..finaalllyyyy its ending :D will have some peace.. :)
    Om shanti :P