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Saturday, September 25, 2010

na rahega baans, na bajegi baansuri.

disclaimer: do not go ahead if your mental age is not 18.


  1. OMG!Neeeeeeeeeeeeetz. I LOVED this one. I keep laughing soooo much in each of the frames. This was your best one yet man. Okay okay my favorites? The DT and Mr. V! Those guys are awesome. I loved their messages.

    Oh and hey you lived up to your promise of portraying KaJen fans. I'm just scared that the comments about the sex video might actually be true if such a situation happens.
    And how can I forget KaJen? KSG's last comment was "epic".
    I didn't know about the whole animal cruelty bit comments at all. But thanks for informing.
    I loved this one, and I'm waiting for the next one on the oh so great satirist.

    Happy to be a Neetz fan :)

  2. Brilliant Neetz!

    X-rated but damn hilarious, I hope this tape doesn't get leaked if there is one imagine the horror for fans. Not that there would be one but you get the point LOL.

    Mods - I am sure that is exactly what they are thinking! LOL I do feel sorry for them, I just feel if they left the Forum to its own devices you would see everyone's true colours! LOL

    Hahahaha and I don't get how anyone PH or channel can sue IF since IF doesn't control what its members say! ROFL Its personal opinion and if you do something wrong of course expect hate mail!!! You can't please everyone!

    Oh and the day the DMG forum closes, I will actually be sad because of the fact I will lose all the free entertainment I use to get from it! Though DMG is approaching 700 episodes :O! Damn! Who would have thought!


  3. OMG Hilarious!!


    OMG this was fringing hilarious Neetz..
    The second msg of Modz ROFL..
    and about Kajen Fans *When will the video be out*
    OMG ROFL they are exactly like this..
    I loved it Neetz made me literally roll on the floor..
    PP ;P

  5. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!! I luvv ur comics (: although i love KaJen its still funny :P

  6. OMG OMG Rofl rofl!!
    The modz and Mr.V notes were HILARIOUS!!
    I'm soooooo sure that Ka jen fans would demand a video if that ever happened. It's soooooo gross!! Eeeewwwww!!
    And ya man it was sooooo unprofessional of "wingoat" to chew gum at the pc.
    Anyway.... LOVED it!!!!!!!

  7. Neeettzzzzz. Oh My Goshhh. I'm laughing in the middle of a starbucks. So Damn Funny!!! My fav. Mr. V....and the Moderators notes...ROFL ROFL.
    You're a rockstart.


  8. I meant. Rockstar....

  9. I just cant sto laughing after reading this!
    Now I feel it was for the good that the mods trashed ur comic stripz in the forum.. otherwise with all the 'editing' this wouldnt have been half as hilarious as it is here..
    neetz, u r just brilliant!

  10. ROFLMFAO. Need I say more ;p


  11. Omg!!Neetz!! LMAO ROFL!!!! It was freaking hilarious and one your best!! My god that sex scene video and the modz notes!!! LMAO!! I can so imagine that happening!!! Once again neetz you are tooo good!!!!

  12. LMAO!!! Neetz u rock yaar!! Love ya

  13. u r awesome man!!!!!!!! It was hilarious..........and this one is ur best till now.......the bast part was DT and KaJerk fans.......U portrayed them so well............and I am 1001% sure that many if not all KaJerk fans will behave exactly in this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U seriously rock!!!!!!!u know really want that DMG people should see this...they should know they themselves r destroying their so called image

  14. OMG this one is ur best
    HA HA its really funny...especially Mr. V part LOlll

    i bet if something like this happens kajars will definitely for a video ROFLLLLL

    U rock neetz..


  15. Hahhaha the disclaimer!


  16. @Seert haha, I figured I couldn't use Mr. V's full name, so I decided to use something that might not be so explicit, yet equally effective ;)

    trust me man, that's EXACTLY what the mods think while closing topics lol. yepp, I lived up to my promise of including 'Kajerk' fans :P you never know seert, my prediction might just come true *shudders*

    omg you didn't see that topic? :O man, you missed some real action lol. Ms. D@ opened a topic on shilpa's dog. lmfao. should have been there.

  17. @nikita - dude, the day DMG forum shuts down, I'm going to mourn like hell. you know, it has taught so much. I shall cherish these 3 years foever and ever.

    on a very serioud note, I like some mods on IF, but by far my experience with DMG forum mods has been, well, unpleasant - to say the least :P

    glad you liked the X-rated comic strip = ) )

  18. @mariam - thanks for visiting my blog! welcome to ceazar salad ;)

    @PP - omg PPPPPPP!!! yay, you're here! :D haha, you can always expect something like this from the kajerks :P

    @ananya - thanks for being the only one to notice the 'wingoat' word :P I was hoping people would applaud me for that piece of sheer brilliance. alas, I was dissappointed *shakes head in dismay* thanks for commenting! :D

  19. This is fucking hilarious!!!!

  20. OMYGOOOOOOOOOSH,i got this 6 times refreshing my page,u can get how my net is n its work it man
    Cruelty towards animal?god that's so stupid,all i can say to them is GET A LIFE come on,go up n get it
    wingoat,ahh now that's what u call creativity
    actually,did they really had sex?now that's new one i don't know
    KSG Inbox are hilarious,can we plzzz get the video?come on KSG shaadi video toh nahi hain at least iska video banao,they almost missed it coz of editing
    DT n Mr.V,now that's what they are actually thinking,i keep ROFLing now on wards when ever DT or V give a note
    love u neetu(n ha i am straight)

  21. Neetz...this is awesome......i am not being able to stop laughing...specially the DT and V's notes ROFL :P ....and OMG! fans might actually want to see KaJen sex video if its there ROFL

  22. @jaan - haha, Mr. V is so unintentionally hilarious, no? :P

    I know, am I not? ;)

    @shamil - true said, mate! I wouldn't have been able to express my 'creativity' completely had I still been on IF :P this is so much better.

    @roz - nope, you need not say more ;)

    @parul - thanks! :D

    @huma - I bet they will, that's how their mind fuctions lol. whatever KaJen do, becomes pure *sigh*

  23. This is so amazing.The best part was the warnings by moderators.Keep up the good work yaar.And I am really glad that ur post was not allowed in IF bcoz now u are free to express ur views without personal attacks and illogical warnigs from moderators.All the best.

    Love AYESHA.

  24. OMG...amazing
    finally bhayya came at last like Indian police da disgusting phorum is closed
    love to see tht ..ROFl


  25. I never open a fucking topic on IF anymore.

    Kajar aunties are so damn irritating.....

    and those mods always close my topic that fucking notice coz of getting reported by kajar aunties ghazillion times.....seriously kajar/kbabes get a bloody life loosers. ;)

  26. hahah ...its past midnight n i m laughing like a mad person sis is going to kill me ...neeta how could u ??? could u protray the cruel n evil version of da forum vid so much accuracy, adding a funny element to it ..i dont believe i missed this ..its a master piece like the rest of ur comic strips ..glad to be apart of it ...loved the part where u portrayed the pain the mods go through ...

  27. omg....ROFL ROFL. this one has to be my favorite comic out of the other ones. i cant stop laughing!i loved mods note muhahahahaha....FUCK U ALL KAJERKS! they are soo eager to see their fav sex disgusting!

    and about shilpas dog being carried in a bag....ya ppl do that really... ppl in usa do that...seen paris hilton b her chu-wa-wa!!


  28. I used to think your creativity comes out in oneshots and vms only. I was CLEAAARRRLY underestimating your sheer brilliance. You, girl, have made me fall in loooouuurrrve with you :P amazing, plain simple amazing neetz :D


  29. =)) =))

    Awesome Girl !!..i was going on laughing imagining it all =))

    Mods note was :))

    Rock it gal !!